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This year, as Hispanic Federation celebrated its 30th anniversary gala held virtually because of COVID-19, an important fact about our mission crystallized: Hispanic Federation’s growth made us ready for this moment in history. None of us could have planned for the multiple crises we have faced this year; we could not have imagined the additional burdens Latino and immigrant communities would have to bear as a result of natural disasters in Puerto Rico and the global pandemic that caused communities of color to suffer a disproportionate share of infections and deaths. We did not expect that our nation would have to wrestle with issues of race following the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police.

Faced with challenges that tested us as individuals and the programs in our network of 250-plus partner organizations, our generous donors like you helped raise millions of dollars to provide cash assistance, food, health and economic support to meet the many needs in our communities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Your support made it possible for us to carry out our planned programs for 2020 as well as campaigns to increase our communities’ participation in the decennial U.S. Census, and to register to vote.

Our safety net, built over three decades, held strong. With your contributions and our collaborations with community service providers, we proved that working together, we have the power to inspire hope and succeed.

As former President Bill Clinton said in his message during our gala, which honored the work of the Clinton Global Initiative, “Hispanic Federation has become one of the most effective and empowering organizations working on behalf of Hispanic families and communities across the country....Hispanic Federation uplifts millions of people and advances the communities’ full participation in the social, political and economic life of our nation.” You made this possible.

Helping people is our mission. In this newsletter, you will meet some of the individuals, including undocumented immigrants and Latinos who may have been classified as “essential” workers during the pandemic by the federal government but do not qualify for any of the federal economic relief programs approved by Congress because of their immigration status. You will read about the plight of mothers who had to choose between paying their rent, feeding their families, or getting care for a COVID-19 infection. These families would not have survived without food and cash assistance to pay for emergencies that many of you so graciously made possible

You will also meet clients whose agencies learned to switch to online classes (and work around the government order to stay at home) for important instruction like English as a Second Language, job readiness and civic engagement that made it possible, for two migrants from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida to cast their first ballots ever for the presidential race. In Puerto Rico, you will see a personal journey towards economic recovery. These are the stories that give us hope. This is the progress you’ve made possible.

Our work continues, but we are well aware of the financial constraints we will face in the coming year. As we plan for what is in store, let me share how you’ve changed the lives of many in the past months. You will be amazed at the things you made happen.


Frankie Miranda