Hispanic Federation Reacts to Guilty Verdicts in the Trial of Derek Chauvin


David Castillo
(202) 489-9074

NEW YORK — Hispanic Federation President and CEO Frankie Miranda issued the following statement in response to the verdicts delivered in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin:

“Last summer, the nation and the world watched in horror as the life of George Floyd was taken by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Mr. Floyd’s death sparked a worldwide movement that reinvigorated the need for action regarding the misuse of force in policing that disproportionately impacts Blacks and Latinos, and frequently results in irreversible consequences including death. Today, a diverse jury of Mr. Chauvin’s peers rightly decided that he was responsible for the murder of George Floyd. Hispanic Federation applauds the unanimous decision.

“While today’s verdicts are welcome, the reality is that we still have a mountain of work to do in this country to ensure the promise of equality is realized for all of us. Further, the guilty verdicts in Mr. Chauvin’s trial should serve as a turning point in how policing is done in this country.

“With a small measure of justice achieved for Mr. Floyd and his family, we must now work to see that justice is done for so many other victims of police violence, including 13-year-old Adam Toledo. This country cannot make meaningful progress without a renewed commitment to address the racial injustice that is foundational to so many of our institutions – including our system of criminal justice.

“Hispanic Federation will continue working with our partners, allies, and policy makers to push for fundamental reforms to policing, criminal justice and social equity policies that will create a more equitable and just society for all.”