Hispanic Federation Welcomes the Appointment of Gretchen Sierra-Zorita to White House Deputy Director for Puerto Rico and the Territories


Laura Esquivel

New York
– Today, Hispanic Federation, one of the nation’s leading organizations dedicated to supporting and empowering Latino communities on the continental US and in Puerto Rico, issued the following statement on the appointment of Gretchen Sierra-Zorita as Deputy Director for Puerto Rico and the Territories in the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. Hispanic Federation President and CEO Frankie Miranda said:

“The appointment of Gretchen Sierra-Zorita as the point person for Puerto Rican and Territorial affairs for the White House is a welcome sign that President Biden and his team are taking Puerto Rico and territorial issues seriously. Through her more than three decades of work, Ms. Sierra-Zorita has proven to be a fierce advocate for all Puerto Ricans – both on the island and in the states. Combined with her experience working with Congress, the federal government, and the nonprofit sector, all make her the perfect person to lead this work at the White House with the support of the President.

Filling this position is a great first step. Hispanic Federation is committed to advocating to ensure the Biden administration enacts the policies and programs that facilitate the island’s long-term prosperity, fulfilling the promise of a government that treats every American citizen equally as laid out in the Biden-Harris Plan for Recovery, Renewal, and Respect for Puerto Rico. We look forward to partnering with Ms. Sierra-Zorita and the entire Biden Administration as we work together to decisively remedy the many inequities that matter deeply to the Puerto Rican people."