Hispanic Federation Statement on the Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta Georgia


Hispanic Federation President Frankie Miranda issued the following statement on the Anti-Asian violence that has taken place in Atlanta:

"For over a year now, we have been warning about the dangers of anti-Asian American language, rhetoric and bigotry being spewed in certain media channels, Statehouses and City Halls, and, most damagingly, by the previous White House occupant. The peddlers of division and hate have seized on the COVID-19 pandemic to castigate, demonize and blame people of Asian descent for our national crisis. The targeted murders this week of eight people — including six people of Asian descent — in Atlanta spas shows yet again that hate and bigotry will lead to violence. We extend our deepest sympathy and support to the victims and their families of this horrific crime.

Hispanic Federation and its network of over 300 Latino community-based organizations stand in solidarity with our Asian brothers and sisters in their moment of crisis because it is our moment of crisis too. The histories of our communities in the United States are deeply and powerfully intertwined with each other; when they hurt, we hurt. We call on our nation’s leaders to forcefully condemn anti-Asian-American language and rhetoric, to deploy law enforcement to protects Asian-American communities, and to bring the full weight of the law to bear on the perpetrators of violence. It’s time to hold every leader and institution in our nation accountable and put an end to this. Now."