Priorities for the Biden-Harris Administration's
First 100 Days: Housing Insecurity and COVID-19

Much more assistance is needed to support low-income Latinx renters and other vulnerable renters for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

Communities like ours, that have already been marginalized by structural barriers to equal opportunities and have low levels of wealth, are particularly vulnerable during all emergencies, whether natural disasters, economic downturns, or a health pandemic like the one caused by COVID-19. In order to respond to the crisis being faced by Latinos due to COVID-19, as well as to address other issues negatively impacting Hispanic and immigrant communities across the country, we urge the Biden-Harris administration to implement the following policies as soon as possible.

Primeros 100 Actions:

  • Extend, improve, and enforce the federal eviction moratorium on foreclosures and evictions to help struggling renters and homeowners stay in their homes.

  • Provide an additional $50 billion in emergency rent and utility assistance to low-income renters.

Read the full letter outlining our priorities for Latino and immigrant communities for the Biden-Harris Administration’s First 100 Days.